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"...form is only a beginning. It is the combination of feelings and a function; shapes and things that come to one in connection with the discoveries made as one goes into the wood, that pull it together and give meaning to form." JK




"I have been reminded that photographs can mislead one as to the sizes of the objects themselves, especially when there is nothing to compare them with. Most of the work I do is fairly small. This is partly because to me wood is precious, and very often I have planks with parts that contain something that interests me and may lead to a certain piece being made. Also, my shop is small, with rather unprofessional equipment; it is difficult for me to join and surface wide stock. And finally, by my nature I have a tendency toward detailed work; there is a dimension beyond which I feel I will accomplish less rather than more." JK


". . . Many disregarded people work in ways that fascinate and satisfy them but are ignored by the tastemakers. Krenov's way and words are welcomed by this multitude as verification of the worth of personal caring.

Jim's preference is for calm, unpretentious objects that whisper lasting concern rather than demand quick attention."

        Donald Lloyd McKinley


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